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But seriously, how did I not know about Jill Lepore's podcast? Could it be that I slammed the door so hard on my previous life as an archivist that my brain just substitutes a tiny kitten wherever I see the A-word? I will ask ChatGPT what it thinks.

There are a great many writers I feel about in the same way you feel about William Gibson, i.e., really enjoy reading the book while I'm reading it and then forget it three days later. I think that is just an occupational hazard of reading many books, and has nothing to do with the writing. I can't for the life of me remember anything that happened in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter but I remember I loved it. I sort of hope that's the way my high school boyfriend remembers me.

PS I had ChatGPT write this comment. (I didn't! Or did I?)

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