I'd love to say I'll read Pynchon with you, but I did a Pynchon tutorial in grad school that put me off of him forever, I fear.

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It's been a long time since I read the book about reading Middlemarch, but I think people love it because of the part about how marriage isn't the purpose of life. I asked Jim if he read Middlemarch in college and he actually recoiled - oh no, no, I never read any LONG books. OK!

I think I will do the Doris Lessing readalong too. I have maybe put her off too long. Plus the description of the book is a 45-year-old woman going off the rails. If not now, when?

I've also found I don't remember how to talk about books, or write. Do I sound like a completely different person from newsletter to newsletter? Have I so split off into my imaginary friend zone I don't remember what is my real voice? Shrug; me not know. A mutual friend told Beth once that I don't post much on Facebook but when I do I'm like a little forest elf out of a Rankin Bass special come to tell you the meaning of Christmas. I think honestly that is all I want out of writing for other people at this point.

I sort of just want to write about my favorite scenes from Hangsaman and The Road Through the Wall because nobody reads those anymore. Maybe write about your favorite scenes from some book nobody reads anymore. There is my writing about books advice.

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